Paediatric Milestones: A Retrospective of Our Events

Welcome to our Events page, a comprehensive archive dedicated to the myriad of events, seminars, conferences, and workshops that we have hosted over the years.

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This is where we celebrate our history and the strides we've made in pediatric care. Each event, from seminars and workshops to conferences and symposiums, has contributed to our collective knowledge and practice. This page serves as a chronicle of these milestones, offering insights into the evolution of our work. Explore this section to discover how past discussions, research, and innovations continue to shape the future of pediatric healthcare.

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Celebrating World Autism Awareness Day 2024

The big month is finally here! April is the month of Autism Awareness, and at my practice, I am a loyal advocate for neurodevelopmental disorders. This is a month for support and education, so let's learn!