About Dr. Tumelo Leeuw: Medical expertise

A Journey Through Pediatric Care, Neurodevelopment, and Empowering Communities

I am Dr Tumelo Leeuw

As a well-exposed professional, Dr Tumelo Leeuw is a General Paediatrician with a keen interest in Neurodevelopmental Disorders. As a young mother of two, she fully recognises the importance of sound healthcare and early developmental primary and holistic care, irrespective of social standing and class. This ethos is the driving force behind many of her community projects and has seen her consistently ploughing back.

About Dr Tumelo Leeuw

Community Engagements

Empowering Caregivers

Dr. Tumelo Leeuw is deeply committed to equipping community-based caregivers with valuable skills and knowledge. Her tireless efforts have had a profound impact on the quality of care provided to younger children in the community. By sharing essential techniques and knowledge, she empowers caregivers to offer better support and care, ultimately fostering healthier and more nurturing environments for children.

Community Radio Engagement

Since 2017, Dr. Tumelo Leeuw has been a prominent figure on one of North West's largest community radio stations. Through her weekly radio program, she addresses relevant medical topics, providing world-class insights to the community. This platform serves as an invaluable resource for community members seeking trustworthy medical information. Dr. Tumelo engages with the audience live on air, offering a direct and free channel for community members to access expert guidance.

Online Outreach and Trusted Voice

In addition to her work, Dr. Tumelo Leeuw has extended her outreach to online platforms, where her professional social media portals have garnered a substantial following. Her online presence has solidified her position as a trusted medical voice within the community. Through these channels, she continues to disseminate important information and engage with a wide audience, further reinforcing her role as a respected and reliable source of medical knowledge.


Healing Hearts and Minds: Dr. Tumelo Leeuw's Dedication to Pediatric Wellness

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The Patient: The Focal Point

At her private practice, working as a General Paediatrician, Dr Tumelo Leeuw creates a comprehensive, inter-active, accessible and caring paediatric practice that delivers a service which places the child (patient), and their parents/guardians at the core of all operations! The facility sees her examining all paediatric cases from 0-17 years and consists of a multi-disciplinary team. They offer comprehensive neurodevelopmental services from diagnosis to holistic management and care. In addition, she provides First Aid for Children, CPR for Everyone and Professionals and BLS for Health Care Professionals, as well as classes for companies, caregivers, and professionals.
About DR leeuw

Dr. Tumelo Leeuw - Advocate for Autism and Community Wellness

The Medical Journey's Milestones

She has been part of an annual post-graduate workshop for Psychology Masters students and involved in the WHO CST Program which has been implemented in more than 33 countries globally. The program is set to be tested in Mafikeng, South Africa and could serve as a model for other provinces in the Republic of South Africa to follow.

Passion Project: Autism

Dr Tumelo Leeuw is a Children's Disability Activist who focuses on Autism. She hosts regular stakeholder engagements to offer support and create awareness about the spectrum. Dr Leeuw is also the Chairperson of Autism South Africa for two terms, aiming to make ASA relatable and accessible to all interested parties and persons.

The Nurturing Adventurer

Dr Tumelo Leeuw is an avid adventurer who enjoys extreme outdoor activities. She has played basketball for over 15 years and successfully climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in 2016. She hopes to combine her passions for outdoor living, travelling and community development to increase awareness about disabilities in children on the African continent.

Dr. Tumelo Leeuw: A Journey of Medical Excellence and Community Advocacy

Explore the remarkable story of Dr. Tumelo Leeuw, a dedicated medical professional who empowers caregivers and advocates for autism while leaving a lasting impact on her community.
Educational and Professional Journey

Dr. Tumelo Leeuw's journey in the medical field began after her high school education at Mmabatho High. She pursued her passion for medicine, graduating from MEDUNSA in 2004. Her dedication led her to complete her internship at Mafikeng Provincial Hospital in 2007. Dr. Leeuw's career continued to evolve as she worked as a Medical Officer in the Paediatrics Department in Klerksdorp. In 2009, she embarked on her Registrar-Ship at Chris Hani Baragwanath in Johannesburg, further enhancing her expertise. During this period, she also obtained a Diploma in Paediatric Palliative Care. Since 2013, Dr. Leeuw has been based in Mafikeng, actively practicing in both public and private sectors, with a special interest in Neurodevelopmental Disorders. Her commitment to continuous learning and professional growth is evident, including her completion of ADOS II training in 2016, conducted by Prof Petrus De Vries in Cape Town.

Advocacy for Wellness and Community

Dr. Tumelo Leeuw is recognized as one of the shining stars in the Platinum Province. Her unwavering dedication and passion for promoting wellness benefit the communities she serves. She is dedicated to increasing the footprint of her private practice within the province and the entire republic. Dr. Leeuw's facility specializes in pediatric cases, serving children aged 0-17. Her multi-disciplinary team provides comprehensive services, with a focus on delivering the best, most accessible medical care that centers around the child and their parents or guardians. Dr. Leeuw is an active advocate for Autism and is committed to making healthcare services consistent, comprehensive, and accessible for all.

Not Just a Job

Dr. Tumelo Leeuw views her role as a calling rather than merely a job. Her dedication to meaningful community development projects is a testament to her commitment to serving her community. She generously offers her time and expertise to educate and enlighten communities about the most relevant and feasible healthcare interventions. Whether it's through community radio shows, guest speaking at events, or engaging with audiences on social media platforms, Dr. Leeuw actively participates in spreading sustained wellness to all communities, particularly those she serves.

Holistic Wellness and Advocacy for Vulnerable Communities

Much of Dr. Tumelo Leeuw's work as a General Paediatrician is driven by her passion to see the most vulnerable community members, particularly women and children, better informed and thriving within their communities. She manages a multi-disciplinary, holistic wellness private practice aimed at healing not only the physical ailments but also the mind and soul. Dr. Leeuw's commitment to holistic wellness and community advocacy is a cornerstone of her medical practice.