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A Journey Through Pediatric Care, Neurodevelopment, and Empowering Communities.

Your Child's Health, Our Priority: Dr. Tumelo Leeuw's Dedicated Pediatric Services

Explore the range of specialised services designed to support your child's health and development from infancy to adolescence. From essential developmental checks to being present during your baby's birth, Dr. Tumelo Leeuw offers personalized care that goes beyond routine medical appointments. Read on to discover the diverse services we provide, ensuring the well-being of your child at every stage of their growth.

New Baby

A qualified Paediatrician is present in theatre when a baby is born via a Caesarean Section, or shortly after birth in the case of natural birth. Should you wish, Dr Tumelo Leeuw can be the attending Paediatrician at your baby's birth. This can be arranged with your Gynecologist or the labour ward staff. Post birth, she will check on the newborn for the duration of your stay at the hospital, to ensure that all is well.

Developmental Checks

Regular developmental checks are scheduled over a period of six weeks, four months, eight months, 12 months, 18 months and two years, with a recommended yearly follow-up thereafter. Dr Tumi Leeuw sees children until they turn 17 years old. As the child grows, the focus of the consultation adapts to include age-appropriate milestones, any health issues and general advice on health.

Postnatal Services

Dr. Tumelo Leeuw specialises in providing postnatal care services, which encompass a range of interventions aimed at promoting the health and well-being of newborns. As part of her practice, Dr. Leeuw conducts comprehensive assessments of infants, both during and after delivery, to ensure that they are healthy and progressing as expected. Her expertise in this area enables her to provide timely and effective interventions that can help prevent or mitigate adverse health outcomes in newborns.

Emergency Consultations

Within Dr Tumelo Leeuw's private practice, caregivers (parents/guardians) are welcome to bring their sick children to the doctor's rooms. Where possible, she always leaves some slots open in her day for emergency, walk-in patients. Emergencies extend to a high-than-normal fever, persistent vomiting, reoccurring diarrhea, headache, abnormal skin rash, acute pain, incessant coughing or a general unwellness as experienced by the child. We open at 08:00 am and it is recommended that you phone us as early as possible to secure a slot for emergencies.